Sunday, December 12, 2010


I've been meaning to post this on here but settled for tumblr because it just wouldn't post here. So here it is!

I'm not even going to front. I usually don't have "crushes" because let's face it, I got it good with my boy. But I have developed a huge middle school crush on one of the contestants on the show Sing Off. He sang Committed's lead vocals for their version of One Republic's Apologize:

The boy who won a part of my heart (besides my main boyy who has a majority of my heart because I have mad love for him) : Robbie Pressley.

hehehehe. He's just waaaaaaay tooooo adorable AND he has dimples. I'm a sucker for dimples!

All that cuteness asides, I hope Committed wins the competition. They are amazing!

ANNNND I know this post is completely irrelevant to my blog, but I had to share. Now it's back to studying for my Marketing final and finishing up my project!

♥ kat

Robbie! If you are reading this (which I highly doubt haha), I'd take a shot for you any day ;) (you too Charles hahaha)!