Saturday, August 30, 2008

wish list

I've noticed lately that my clothing choices has been leaning a bit towards versatility than rather bright clothes that you can realized after the second time, "she's worn that piece already." With versatile pieces, you can wear the same item, over and over and yet it's still so effortless and classic it's worth the buy. Hey, that's versatility for you right? That's why I applaud American Apparel. Currently lusting over a few items from there.

Credit: American Apparel



My dear boyfriend asked me where I wanted to go first this semester.

San Francisco:



Photo Credits : Flickr

I've been to both places twice already (hawaii in the last two years and san francisco just recently and when I went when I was a kid) BUT I decided to go to hawaii first! We have to see if it's going to go through since my lovely boyfriend has blackout from October to January. I'm praying for that trip though!


The trip to hawaii would be a very needed vacation for my boyfriend. He's such hardworking guy!


Oh dear. School starts this Tuesday and I am surprisingly a bit excited for it. Maybe it's because I actually have an opportunity to dress up (I have not been in the mood to throw something on creative when I was going to be home the whole day- I think I'll stick to my pjs). I am so ready to post up my outfits when next week rolls around. PLUS, autumn is around the corner and I am a bit tired of wearing shorts and dresses. I'm all for an effortless look, but sheesh, I can't really come up with stylish outfits for the summer. All of my "effortless" looks turn out to be a look that I wasn't really looking for. Oh wells, I think I'm just too excited for autumn, so YAY!

See you all on Tuesday, or maybe earlier than that if i plan on not being the lazy bum that I am for the past few months.


Friday, August 29, 2008


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My beloved sk3 broke down on me a month ago and I was pretty much phone-less for a month and chose to be phone-less for a month. I mean, I am not too fond of T-Mobile's network (very unreliable; I can not get service for anything!) so I figured that when my contract ends (March 2009) I'll switch to AT&T and get an iphone. So, in the meantime I'll buy a cheap phone so I can save for an iphone. SO, I am now using a magenta Motorola Razr. Very boring (the most I can do is play with my ringtones) compare to the sk3, but hey, it's the phone i'll have just for the meantime. Just for the meantime.


Wednesday, August 27, 2008

wish list

Yay for beautiful clothes!

Courtesy of: Urban Outfitters


Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Monday, August 25, 2008


I did some useless shoe shopping for the upcoming semester which starts next week. Not necessarily useless because I DO really love the shoes I bought. But I guess you can call them unnecessary? Haha well anyways, I bought the shoes from Urban Outfitters along with some clothes, but let's not get into the clothes hehe. Can't wait to get them in the mail!

Courtesy of: Urban Outfitters

Tomorrow I am going to head off the beach. This is the first time I will be going to the beach this summer. Maybe it's only because I'd rather be swimming in the warm clear waters of Hawaii then the brown cold water of California. Till then!


shopping cart (black vs white macbook)

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For about as long as macbooks have been out, I've wanted the white one soooo bad (and i mean really bad- it was on my wishlist for the longest), I mean it was so clean and beautiful figured why not and it didn't hurt since charles had a white ibook (yes an ibook , or at least I think its an ibook , but he got it before the macbook hype- got to double check on that) and it was pretty cute. But anyways, as time went on, I've leaned towards black a lot more (lexus IS 350 in black vs tungsten pearl although the tungsten pearl is really really beautiful). And with that being said, I've been leaning towards a black macbook for awhile now. Actually, I've been juggling between a black macbook vs a white one, I just can't freaking decide! So i've done some research.

Say-So: Black or White Macbook
out of 129 people , 69 prefer black over white (white was at 42 , 16 was neither but the black macbooker comments were a bit of a nonsense, but that's not the point; they voted for the black one and probably didn't any more reasons to explain their choice of preference) and they presented the following arguments which makes sense to me :

-a majority have mentioned that the glowing apple stands out a lot more than the white (obviously makes sense) didn't think of that at first. Even though the white macbookers have said that the black one looks like a dell (I don't think so) the glowing apple DOES stand out more which means you can distinguish the difference between a dell and a macbook. But I'm not being materialistic, the reason why I'M getting a macbook is because I've had a PC desktop since the 4th grade and a PC laptop when I was a freshman in high school and both have gotten viruses like no other. When we got an iMac two years ago, I was pleased with it and they (Macs) rarely get viruses (I should know, Charles has been a Mac dude since he was a kid and told me how reliable they are) so hey that works out for me cause I have a LOT of pictures and would not want to lose any of it. But back on track, the glowing apple does make sense.

-black macbooks can be maintained easier than the yellowing of a white one. I am sure I am not going to take time to wash my hands and clean my laptop. White gets dirty. My iMac is dirty (or at least the keyboard is due to my fingertips I guess).

-black is more professional and grown up

-those who have chosen the white as their preference, chose it because it's cheaper (not a good reason at all).

-black is just sexy.

There's a lot more arguments too it but I think I've come to a conclusion. Maybe I should just pay an extra thousand dollars and settle for the Macbook Pro and solve my indecisiveness. Gosh I hate variety (especially when there's either a black or a white). Maybe in terms of fashion, I can think of it as how every girl needs a LBD (little black dress). No girl needs a WBD, they need a LBD! Sigh. As I continue the juggle between a black macbook or a white, my preference for a black macbook is starting to outweigh my prolonged cravings for the white.

As much as I've always wanted the white, the black one it is =)

Now I just have to figure out how I am going to distinguish the difference between my black macbook and kris' macbook that he already has (little punk only gets to pay for half while my parents pay the other half. I after all have to pay for it all by myself- gosh darnits).

good night


Saturday, August 16, 2008

sorry !

I definitely have an off and on relationship with blogging. I truly apologize! I've been busy babysitting and work and what not I just did not have the time to take pictures, yet alone; blog. Well whatevers. ANYWAY, I went shopping for the past couple of days. At H&M, Urban Outfitters, and American Apparel to be exact. Waiting for a few orders to come in the mail (Urban Outfitters and American Apparel) and bought a grip load at the stores. I'm not even done yet. I have yet to buy that lovely (and i mean lovely) orange braided cardigan at h&m. A few coats from there as well (I am eyeing this lovely purple coat and this black one too). I still have a shopping cart ready to be "checked out" at Urban Outfitters. By the way, these clothes are for the upcoming semester which starts in September. Yay for back to school shopping!

Good night everyone. I'm going to hit the sacks since I have work tomorrow.


Thursday, August 7, 2008


Today was a wonderful day. I had lunch with charles at BJ's and ordered chinese pot stickers, a grilled chicken pasta with a side order of caesar salad while the boyfriend had a half sandwich half soup (a grilled chicken sandwich and a hearty minestrone soup!). We also visited Urban Outfitters looking for potential items I was going to purchase next week. Geezus, I think I am excited for my shopping spree! My shopping cart has a total of 25 items! Anyway, this was my outfit. I was not planning on having lunch but we decided to last minute. If I had known I would of came up with something a bit more fashionable but oh wells.

glasses : boyfriends
shirt : h&m
shorts : f21
belt : f21
heels : vintage


Wednesday, August 6, 2008

shopping cart

What I am planning to buy for fall/winter :

- art inspired prints
- winter floral prints
- stripes
- black & white
- mustard
- grey
- loose shirts
- jumpers
- statement coats
- statement cardigans
- slouchy (& i mean sllloouucchhyy..berets)
- tights
- cream skinny jeans
- thigh high boots
- mary janes
- skirts with volume
- pleats
- big bags in brown & black

mMm ive never been so excited for fall =)


Tuesday, August 5, 2008


my love for 5 and a half years & the father of my baby yorkie curry :



Monday, August 4, 2008


Oh goodness! I have not blogged in years! But anyway, I'm quite excited for the next couple of weeks (shopping-wise hehe)! Actually, I did some damage at h&m saturday, which I will post maybe tomorrow? And this week my lovely boyfriend will take me shopping at h&m AND i have a shopping cart for urban outfitters ready for next week.

Till then !