Saturday, August 30, 2008


Oh dear. School starts this Tuesday and I am surprisingly a bit excited for it. Maybe it's because I actually have an opportunity to dress up (I have not been in the mood to throw something on creative when I was going to be home the whole day- I think I'll stick to my pjs). I am so ready to post up my outfits when next week rolls around. PLUS, autumn is around the corner and I am a bit tired of wearing shorts and dresses. I'm all for an effortless look, but sheesh, I can't really come up with stylish outfits for the summer. All of my "effortless" looks turn out to be a look that I wasn't really looking for. Oh wells, I think I'm just too excited for autumn, so YAY!

See you all on Tuesday, or maybe earlier than that if i plan on not being the lazy bum that I am for the past few months.


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