Friday, February 27, 2009

cdg x h&m

vintage sheer blouse and cdg x h&m dress

The previous post, I mentioned that I was over and done with my midterms and papers, well to my luck, I totally forgot about my Anthropology quiz and my Accounting midterm next week. I guess there is no time to relax. Sigh.

Anyway, I'm wearing a Comme Des Garcons for h&m dress. When I was in New York last month, this dress was on sale for 50% off PLUS they had that Buy One Take One deal. Oh, New York City, how I miss you so.


Thursday, February 26, 2009

missing in action

[my backyard, fall 2007]

This past week has been a bit overwhelming. Between studying (which probably is an overstatement, haha) for my Economics midterm and writing a paper on transformational whales and the genetics of fruit flies, my wardrobe lacked any kind of style inspiration. With all that out of the way, it's time for me to relax and i'll be back in action tomorrow.

Oh! I did some Goodwill shopping this week and I brought home some goodies that I can't wait to wear but they're in the laundry. Next week, next week.

Monday, February 16, 2009


[random coat, h&m divided dress, and urban outfitters leather gloves]

It's been cold and rainy in Southern California (not as cold as New York though!). So, I'm off to get some ramen to keep myself warm!

♥ kat

erin fetherston RTW fall 2009


Erin Fetherston never fails to amaze me. I apologize that I was not able to make a collage instead to make it "less cluttered". I just HAD to see the originals. It's just too adorable to cut up and paste onto a collage. Too bad, her clothes are way out of my range (debit card-wise). Seriously, if I could spend $1,000 on one Erin Fetherston dress, I'd be one happy camper. But I don't want just ONE of her dresses. Man oh man. Anyway, Erin Fetherston's collections are always so feminine (i.e. Ready to Wear Spring 2009- one of my favorite collections). I love her use of chiffon, ruffles, and the voluminous skirts/dresses and sleeves. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE can I have it all? Her pieces are amazing. Enough said.

♥ kat

Friday, February 13, 2009

catherine holstein RTW fall 2009


Wednesday, February 11, 2009

short and simple

[vintage sheer blouse, h&m divided skirt and heels]

I'm wearing a vintage sheer blouse my mom picked up at Jet Rag Sundays (wear they have numerous piles of $1 clothes!). It was lying around and I figured I take it since she doesn't wear it and in my opinion, it's beautiful and delicate and definitely shouldn't go to waste (but who I am I kidding, it's only a dollar, but it sure is a steal for a dollar!). And speaking of $1 sales, I think I need to do some thrift-ing this weekend. I've ran out of clothes. Don't you just hate it when you have so much clothes, but nothing to wear?

♥ kat

Monday, February 9, 2009

still raining

[h&m coat, target umbrella]

Not much to post since it's been raining the past few days here in Southern California. With all that aside, still planning a trip to Mexico this spring break. Decided we'll be flying out instead of going on a cruise. I don't mind. Traveling is always fun! Well I'm off to toast some Jalapeno Cheese bread from the Farmer's Market and some Hot Fiesta Mix Peanuts. Adios!

♥ kat

Friday, February 6, 2009


[vintage dress, american apparel cardigan and scarf]

I looked a lot better than this 7 in the morning (curled my hair and put make up on). So let me humor you how my hair ended with straight hair and a bare face. Having accounting vocabulary and numbers thrown at you 8 in the morning can be a bit mind boggling. Imagine trying to soak up how to balance financial information, revenues, and net income while half asleep. Yea that's not good. So whoever came up with having Accounting Classes 8 IN THE MORNING was out of their minds! So towards the end of class my spirits were lifted at the thought of buying peanuts at the Farmer's Market. But to my dismay, as soon as I walked out of class, it was POURING RAIN. So I walked to my boyfriend's car with no umbrella and was drenched head to toe and that's how my hair ended up straight and my makeup washed away. But I was more bummed that rain also meant no peanuts! Whatever, at least I bought a clear bubble umbrella with a pink trim today at Target. Unfortunately, after spinning and twirling my ruffled-trim umbrella from H&M in New York yesterday, it fell apart (more like it twisted and now it's impossible for me to close it) and I'm a bit depressed. Yes, the umbrella was a bit flimsy, but I loved the ruffle trim!

But I like I said a few posts back, there's always room for sunshine! Obviously can't possibly rain 24/7 especially in Southern California! So as soon as I saw the sunlight I ran out to take a quick picture (hence the awful picture with my straight hair and bare face . . sad face) cause apparently its suppose to rain all weekend. Why is it that whenever I feel motivated to take a picture I'm screwed somehow (there's insufficient amount of light when I take pictures inside)?

♥ kat

Thursday, February 5, 2009

lay off the antibacterial soap!

[new york, january 2009]

As crazy as it may sound (yea it sounds pretty disgusting to me as well) my Physical Anthropology teacher actually urged us to lay off using antibacterial soap (hand sanitizers included!). Why you may ask? Well, the more a person uses antibacterial, of course many of them (as in bacteria) will die off or however you term that. And of course, there are the few and proud strong bacteria that can withstand antibacterial. If you can see where I'm going with this, with Darwin's theory of NATURAL SELECTION, these strong bacteria will reproduce and antibacterial soap would be pretty much obsolete.

And on the other hand, I was listening to KIIS FM about worms in brains due to uncooked pork or food handling practices such as washing hands which aren't abided. So they URGE you to wash your hands.

What to do, what to do?!

♥ kat

I'm a total germaphobe (I know it's not a word) and have OCD when it comes to washing my hands (wash, soap, rinse, dry, hand sanitizer). So these two facts I learn aren't necessarily eye-openers BUT I'm a bit confused on what to do when it comes to whether or not to use antibacterial soap or not. I mean, you want to be CLEAN right?

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

there's always room for sunshine

american apparel scarf and h&m trend skirt

Southern California weather is quite a roller coaster and despite my wardrobe, today was extremely warm. Tomorrow calls for rain (supposedly) which is NOT GOOD because I'm sure I will be getting a headache from the sudden change of weather. DARN!

Sunday, February 1, 2009


[waikiki, 2007]

Just in case you're bored: Katherine Lou's Flicker. It's a compilation of all my travel photos and other knick knacks to go along with my blog. Slowly "In Progress".

♥ kat