Monday, February 9, 2009

still raining

[h&m coat, target umbrella]

Not much to post since it's been raining the past few days here in Southern California. With all that aside, still planning a trip to Mexico this spring break. Decided we'll be flying out instead of going on a cruise. I don't mind. Traveling is always fun! Well I'm off to toast some Jalapeno Cheese bread from the Farmer's Market and some Hot Fiesta Mix Peanuts. Adios!

♥ kat


Maya said...

I LOve your umbrellas. I have so many. lol YOu look lovely as always. I am loving that coat.

Montreal Fashion Minds said...

Great umbrella!

~ Montreal Fashion Minds ~

little heroine said...

i love the umbrella. cute!

Natacha said...

Oh you look so pretty :-)


FrouFrou said...

gorgeous umbrella! I've been wanting a floral one for a while, may just have to go for animal print now.