Friday, February 6, 2009


[vintage dress, american apparel cardigan and scarf]

I looked a lot better than this 7 in the morning (curled my hair and put make up on). So let me humor you how my hair ended with straight hair and a bare face. Having accounting vocabulary and numbers thrown at you 8 in the morning can be a bit mind boggling. Imagine trying to soak up how to balance financial information, revenues, and net income while half asleep. Yea that's not good. So whoever came up with having Accounting Classes 8 IN THE MORNING was out of their minds! So towards the end of class my spirits were lifted at the thought of buying peanuts at the Farmer's Market. But to my dismay, as soon as I walked out of class, it was POURING RAIN. So I walked to my boyfriend's car with no umbrella and was drenched head to toe and that's how my hair ended up straight and my makeup washed away. But I was more bummed that rain also meant no peanuts! Whatever, at least I bought a clear bubble umbrella with a pink trim today at Target. Unfortunately, after spinning and twirling my ruffled-trim umbrella from H&M in New York yesterday, it fell apart (more like it twisted and now it's impossible for me to close it) and I'm a bit depressed. Yes, the umbrella was a bit flimsy, but I loved the ruffle trim!

But I like I said a few posts back, there's always room for sunshine! Obviously can't possibly rain 24/7 especially in Southern California! So as soon as I saw the sunlight I ran out to take a quick picture (hence the awful picture with my straight hair and bare face . . sad face) cause apparently its suppose to rain all weekend. Why is it that whenever I feel motivated to take a picture I'm screwed somehow (there's insufficient amount of light when I take pictures inside)?

♥ kat


mimi said...

beautiful pics!!

Montreal Fashion Minds said...

Very cute, love the umbrella!

~ Montreal Fashion Minds ~

bryna said...

love the colors on that dress!