Wednesday, June 20, 2012

sights and tastes

A couple snapshots from my trip to Hawai'i. The views from Diamond Head was rewarding after an exhausting hike up to the top. Tiki torches scattered all over Waikiki light up at night. Very Hawaiian. An enormous pancake from Mac 24/7. If you've seen the show Man vs Food then you are familiar with this pancake. Food won and there were three of us eating it. The statue of Duke on Kalakaua. Tan tan ramen from Goma Tei; my favorite ramen EVER. Waikiki at night, so breezy. Our first taste of Hale'iwa. Such a refreshing change from the hectic (but not so hectic) city life of Honolulu. The road down to Waimea Bay where my friends jumped off the rock there. Looking through these photos makes me wish Hawai'i oh so much. Can not wait to go back!

Sunday, June 17, 2012


Peonies are my favorite flowers everrrr. My boyfriend knows NOT to buy any other flowers but peonies. I want them for my wedding bouquet and centerpieces and also Laduree macarons which is irrelevant but who cares. For the longest, I didn't think I would be able to buy them here in California since they can't grow in our climate but I was surprise to find them at Trader Joe's! I have been buying new flowers every couple days since finding them and I will probably be buying them until they are no longer sold. They only bloom around May to June. Anyway, here's a photo that I took of them this week. This particular bouquet was HUGE compared to my first bouquet. My current bouquet is hot pink and not as big as this particular one. So beautiful!

Saturday, June 16, 2012

instagram hawai'i

On our way to Hawai'i! This was taken a few hours before we landed.

Waikiki at sunset. So beautiful. I can never get tired of Hawaiian sunsets.

Rainbow from one of the hotel rooms. Saw so many rainbows on this trip.

A postcard that arrived a few days when we got back that one of my best friends who went with me to Hawai'i sent me while we were still there. She's too funny.

Another sunset/palm tree view of Waikiki from the beach. 

Super cute note that YSL sent me. Boyfriend bought my very first arty ring for my graduation present! I've been eyeing the ring for almost 2 years now and I am so thankful I have an amazing boyfriend who bought it for me because he knew I wanted it. Haven't worn it out yet, but I will very soon!

Hokulani Bake Shop cupcakes (red velvet, mango, and POG-passion fruit, orange, guava). They won an episode on Cupcake Wars. Surprisingly, my favorite flavor was red velvet (go figure) but all the other flavors were delicious.

Hanging out at the beach in Waikiki.

The living room of the wonderful beach house we rented for a couple days! It was a four bedroom, two bathroom house with the ocean as our backyard. I had so much fun staying in this house with 7 other amazing people. We made a ton of memories.

Breakfast made by my friend Alice while we were staying at the beach house: macadamia nut pancakes topped with bananas and coconut syrup, applies, and potatoes. So good! Inspired me to start cooking at home more. You can make delicious food without spending a fortune!

Heading back home to LA. A photo that I took when we took off. You can see Diamond Head crater and to the left is Waikiki. One of my favorite photos that I took on the trip. After an amazing vacation, the boyfriend and I decided to go back in a few months.... hence why I will be blogging more. We will see you soon Hawai'i! I have a ton of photos to post still just have yet to transfer it onto my MacBook. Have a wonderful weekend bloggers!

Friday, June 15, 2012

aloha 2012

zara top, nordstrom rack skirt, and american apparel swimwear

Summer time. After graduation, me, the boyfriend, and 6 other friends headed to Hawai'i. Crazy fun trip filled with laughter, drinks, beaches, hikes, FOOD, a YSL arty ring, and an amazing beach house that we stayed at in the North Shore. I love Hawai'i more each time I go and boyfriend and I have decided to save up for a trip towards the end of summer. That being said, no more date nights, no more crazy shopping trips.... which means, exercising, cooking intimate dinners and more blogging! For real this time. Oh and internship searching. Found a couple finance internships but I haven't quite got the motivation to select apply just yet :)

Saturday, May 26, 2012

the reason for my absence

The boyfriend and I walked in our commencement ceremony yesterday! This much closer to receiving a bachelors degree in Business Economics! 

Sunday, April 29, 2012

bahamas photo diary: part one

1. Epcot
2. Downtown Disney
3. Cake and champagne for the wedding reception
4. Sitting in our stateroom's porthole
5. Atlantis
6. Beef tenderloin and lobster medallion
7. Rack of lamb
8. Disney Dream
9. Palm trees in Nassau
10. Flowers on a street in Nassau

A couple photos from the Bahamas trip the other week (already?). Beautiful but very interesting place. Definitely different from what I'm used to (yeah like driving on the opposite of the road tripped me out for a second). Anyway, hope you all had a wonderful weekend. My weekend was spent at a one year old's birthday yesterday and studying today. Tomorrow I'm heading to LA with the boyfriend to buy my brother a gift and probably grab a bite to eat! I love LA adventures. 

Tuesday, April 24, 2012


castaway cay, bahamas

Hello bloggers! Just got back from a trip to Bahamas to attend my cousin's wedding (my cousin got married on this beach!). Arrived in Orlando Wednesday morning and left to the Bahamas via the Disney Dream Cruise Line Thursday afternoon. The wedding was on Saturday on Disney Cruise's private island: Castaway Cay and this is the view of the beach from our stateroom. So beautiful! Was gone for a week and lost a lot of sleep and I have an exam tonight to study for so I'll leave you with this! 

Friday, April 13, 2012

my life through instagram

1. orchids in the backyard
2. coffee bean treat
3. curry after he got groomed
4. korean-style lettuce wrap that the boyfriend and i made
5. curry
6. me. my hair is long enough to curl!

Haven't done much since Vegas since the boyfriend and I will be attending a destination wedding next week (soooooooo excited!). Not complaining since I actually enjoy staying at home at the moment. With finals and graduation coming up next month and exams next week, I'm doing all that I can to prep before the end of the semester.

By the way, working on my new blog. Started working on it (in between homework, readings, spreadsheets) and I'll update you guys when I have up and running!

Friday, March 30, 2012

vegas through instagram

1. boyfriend and i wearing nike sneakers. wearing uniqlo parka, h&m oversized gray shirt, and zara jeans
2. hotel room
3. necklace and earrings from h&m
4. full montagu sandwich from earl of sandwich
5. topshop at fashion show mall
6. jewelry that i bought from topshop
7. stuffed animals that the boyfriend won for me at circus circus
8. date night at mesa grill with the boyfriend
9. t by alexander wang and theory finds from last call (fashion outlet in primm)
10. new mexican spice rubbed pork tenderloin from mesa grill
11. the best breakfast in vegas: mon ami gabi. slow braised beef eggs benedict and those potatoes, sooo good
12. kobe bryant poster outside of fashion outlet in primm. i had to sorry!

Quick vacation in Vegas for spring break. It felt good to get away from reality but we're now home. Had plans to go to LA today and have breakfast at Larchmont Bungalow but it feels good to just stay home and not doing anything since it won't be long till our next trip (we have a wedding to attend).