Friday, June 15, 2012

aloha 2012

zara top, nordstrom rack skirt, and american apparel swimwear

Summer time. After graduation, me, the boyfriend, and 6 other friends headed to Hawai'i. Crazy fun trip filled with laughter, drinks, beaches, hikes, FOOD, a YSL arty ring, and an amazing beach house that we stayed at in the North Shore. I love Hawai'i more each time I go and boyfriend and I have decided to save up for a trip towards the end of summer. That being said, no more date nights, no more crazy shopping trips.... which means, exercising, cooking intimate dinners and more blogging! For real this time. Oh and internship searching. Found a couple finance internships but I haven't quite got the motivation to select apply just yet :)


cuteredbow said...

Really love your outfit ! Love your top and skirt !

The Fashion Writress said...

Wauw lovely location and outfit ^_^


michelle tree said...

Cute outfit!