Wednesday, June 20, 2012

sights and tastes

A couple snapshots from my trip to Hawai'i. The views from Diamond Head was rewarding after an exhausting hike up to the top. Tiki torches scattered all over Waikiki light up at night. Very Hawaiian. An enormous pancake from Mac 24/7. If you've seen the show Man vs Food then you are familiar with this pancake. Food won and there were three of us eating it. The statue of Duke on Kalakaua. Tan tan ramen from Goma Tei; my favorite ramen EVER. Waikiki at night, so breezy. Our first taste of Hale'iwa. Such a refreshing change from the hectic (but not so hectic) city life of Honolulu. The road down to Waimea Bay where my friends jumped off the rock there. Looking through these photos makes me wish Hawai'i oh so much. Can not wait to go back!


blurredmemories said...

beautiful photos! looks like an amazing trip :)

Jo said...

Hawaii sure looks like a beautiful place!

Kaleido Mind said...

love the tiki torches!