Saturday, June 16, 2012

instagram hawai'i

On our way to Hawai'i! This was taken a few hours before we landed.

Waikiki at sunset. So beautiful. I can never get tired of Hawaiian sunsets.

Rainbow from one of the hotel rooms. Saw so many rainbows on this trip.

A postcard that arrived a few days when we got back that one of my best friends who went with me to Hawai'i sent me while we were still there. She's too funny.

Another sunset/palm tree view of Waikiki from the beach. 

Super cute note that YSL sent me. Boyfriend bought my very first arty ring for my graduation present! I've been eyeing the ring for almost 2 years now and I am so thankful I have an amazing boyfriend who bought it for me because he knew I wanted it. Haven't worn it out yet, but I will very soon!

Hokulani Bake Shop cupcakes (red velvet, mango, and POG-passion fruit, orange, guava). They won an episode on Cupcake Wars. Surprisingly, my favorite flavor was red velvet (go figure) but all the other flavors were delicious.

Hanging out at the beach in Waikiki.

The living room of the wonderful beach house we rented for a couple days! It was a four bedroom, two bathroom house with the ocean as our backyard. I had so much fun staying in this house with 7 other amazing people. We made a ton of memories.

Breakfast made by my friend Alice while we were staying at the beach house: macadamia nut pancakes topped with bananas and coconut syrup, applies, and potatoes. So good! Inspired me to start cooking at home more. You can make delicious food without spending a fortune!

Heading back home to LA. A photo that I took when we took off. You can see Diamond Head crater and to the left is Waikiki. One of my favorite photos that I took on the trip. After an amazing vacation, the boyfriend and I decided to go back in a few months.... hence why I will be blogging more. We will see you soon Hawai'i! I have a ton of photos to post still just have yet to transfer it onto my MacBook. Have a wonderful weekend bloggers!


Elegantesque said...

Have fun in Hawaii !




Elegantesque Blog

Teresa said...

Beautiful photos! I have yet to visit Hawaii but it's definitely on the top of my list!

Nee said...

hi cutie, thank you so much for the comment on my blog <33 :)
i really love your blog and i'm following now. ahh i've never been to hawaii but i really really want to visit it once:) have a good rest of the weekend xx

Georgia said...

WOW HAWAII!?! Need I say more? The holiday of my dreams
It would be mine

erica marie said...

Love the photo of the beach! Hawaii looks of my dream places to visit.

xo erica