Thursday, April 30, 2009

shopping cart


A couple things that are waiting to be checked out (this weekend) in my shopping cart on Very "spring-y".


Wednesday, April 29, 2009

econ midterm

h&m divided leather jacket, h&m trend skirt, thrifted blouse, target shoes

This is what I wore to my Economics midterm (my only class of the day). Before I went to class, I had to purchase a scantron at the convenience store and I had a conversation with the cashier:

cashier: are you ready for your midterm?
me: hahaha no
cashier: well at least your well dressed for it right?

Not sure if that’s a good thing or if I should take that as a compliment? Hahaha. I think I did surprisingly well though despite my last minute cramming. Oh! and it’s clearly evident that I am inappropriately dress pretty much all the time.


I finally finalized my schedule for next semester!

8:00-9:15 Fashion Merchandising
10:00-10:50 Macroeconomics
12:30-1:45 Art History
2:00-3:15 Psychology

1:00-2:50 Bowling!

8:00-9:15 Accounting

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

bear with me . . .

...for my blog is currently under construction while I "revamp" it with small changes here and there (notice the larger photos and wider layout). Anyway, I've been overwhelmed with midterms the past couple days. I have one tomorrow in my Economics class and I have yet to study. But hey, I put the "pro" in procrastination. Plus I work better under pressure. And I apologize for the lack of outfit updates. Seriously, like I said, school has been overwhelming and I always feel uninspired when exams are in the horizon. So expect outfit updates in the coming days (maybe tomorrow!) since tomorrow is my last one for this week. In the meantime, I will entertain you with another photo of my dog, Curry. He is seriously the cutest thing on this planet. He thinks he's human. It's pretty hilarious if you ask me.


Saturday, April 25, 2009

for blog's sake

A photograph of my baby boy relaxing at the beach. The last time I took him to the beach, poor baby got sand in his eyes since he's super small. So, we decided to invest in doggie goggles. Problem solved, EXCEPT he gets intimidated by the bigger dogs so he just sat on the beach chair the whole time.

Oh and I did not go shopping like I said I would. I knocked out from noon till 7. That accounting midterm killed me and I was up all night. Maybe tomorrow, just maybe.


Friday, April 24, 2009

cramming it

paulette beverly hills, april 2009

I'm currently going to be on a short hiatus. Currently cramming for three midterms and one in particular is going to FOR SURE kick my butt *cough cough ACCOUNTING cough cough*. Come on now, I just had an accounting midterm three weeks ago. Sure, it doesn't sound like a big deal, but it sure is a big deal especially since I only have that class once a week. That's only two classes in between midterms. Sigh. Who does that anyway?

Maybe shopping after class shall cheer me up or at least keep me a bit sane before I do more studying for next week. My mom did mention going shopping earlier but I had to study. We'll see.
Have a good one!

♥ kat

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

180 degrees

h&m divided leather, thrifted blouse, target tights, UO dress and shoes

Today was slightly cooler than the last couple excruciating days. Actually, not just slightly, A LOT cooler than yesterday. Just how I like it.

♥ kat

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

blown away

h&m dress, dance tights, UO blazers and shoes

Prior to this photo, a gust of wind caused my dress to flash a group of spring break middle school kids as they scootered around the block. Quite frankly, I was extremely embarrassed. Thank goodness for tights or that would be a whollllee different story. Hahaha.

Oh! and I went thrift store shopping yesterday. Scored amazing shoes, dresses, skirts, and tops. Oh geez.

♥ kat

cold again

h&m trend scarf and dress, thrifted cardigan, target shoes and tights

Southern California weather is something. One day it’s hot, next day it’s not. Today was the latter. Spent most of it eating Thai food (yum yum!) and thrift store shopping. Good day overall!

♥ kat

I have a chictopia account as well so feel free to add me fellow chictopians!

Sunday, April 12, 2009

happy easter!

thai patio, april 2009

This is how I spent my Easter; eating delicious Thai food on Hollywood Blvd with my boyfriend, my brother, and our friend. Talk about amazing. The best part was, we went out to eat 2 in the morning. Good food early in the morning rarely happens (I usually resort to Taco Bell or McDonalds for a midnight run cause that's all they have in my area). So we ventured out to Los Angeles (initially we thought of going to Chinatown but we've never been to Thai town so figured why not) and stumbled upon Thai Patio in Thai Town. PLUS, there is an amazingly HUGE Goodwill down the block. I have to check it out next time cause I know for certain we'll be coming back for more Thai food.

Again, Happy Easter bloggers! I must get back to cleaning the house before my mother comes home from the Philippines tomorrow. Yikes!

♥ kat

Saturday, April 11, 2009

blog roll

daikoku ramen from daikokuya, march 2009

Please let me know if you would like me to add your blog to my blog roll! I'd more be more than happy to!

Anyway, the picture above is from Daikokuya in Little Tokyo Downtown Los Angeles. Was not what I expected it to be (apparently this is one of the best ramen places). It was creamy and the noodles weren't as good. My heart lies with Santouka. Oh, the rich and oily pork broth. . .

♥ kat

Thursday, April 9, 2009

that sweater again

h&m hat and trend sweater, dolce vita boots via urban outfitters

This is definitely my “go to” sweater. Those days when you just want to dress comfy. Yup, I love it. OH! and my Dolce Vita boots. Got these babies for $30 in SOHO in New York City. Original price was about $300. Totally scored.

I did my weekly thrift store shopping today. Came home with a dress, cardigan, a vintage sweater of my school, and a leather purse!

♥ kat

Monday, April 6, 2009

Two Sides

hawks by geren ford via UO top, h&m trend skirt, target shoes

Today is one extremely hot day and too bad I had to spend it in class full of 100+ economics students in a poorly vented lecture hall. To top it off, it’s the first day of class after a wonderfully spent spring break and I have never been more ready for summer break.

♥ kat