Thursday, April 9, 2009

that sweater again

h&m hat and trend sweater, dolce vita boots via urban outfitters

This is definitely my “go to” sweater. Those days when you just want to dress comfy. Yup, I love it. OH! and my Dolce Vita boots. Got these babies for $30 in SOHO in New York City. Original price was about $300. Totally scored.

I did my weekly thrift store shopping today. Came home with a dress, cardigan, a vintage sweater of my school, and a leather purse!

♥ kat


Lorituela said...

That sweater is great, looks comfy!

Nice boots!

It's a pitty there are no more cute animals with you, I wish a had a lion waiting in my bed while I'm away...well...with a lion on my bed I would never be away^^

Hugs from Spain


Daisy said...

I love it haha and the boots are lush!

Delmy said...

And again I love the sweater, but really love your DV boots!

Lainey said...

Fabulous outfit! The sweater and the boots are to die for!

phamzy said...

amazing sweater! i like it's color!

kimvee said...

Your boots are so hot! I love them :)
Plus, your outfit from the previous entry is just darling, I love it :)

Hannah said...

Black and tan belle! I'm digging the accompanying smile!

Fashionology said...

I really love this look!!! That sweater is great!! <3

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