Friday, February 25, 2011

53rd and 6th halal cart

53rd St and 6th Ave
New York, NY 10079

Someone on Yelp called chicken and rice the carne asada fries of new york except I believe it is way better than the famous carne asada fries of California! A trip to New York is not complete if you haven't tried chicken and rice from the halal carts! Chicken, rice, and pita bread with white sauce and hot sauce. Nom nom nom nom. Don't get too crazy with the hot sauce because it is spicy (and I love spicy)! But do go crazy with the white sauce. Soooo good.

new york city part two

Top of the Rock. Grand Central. Time Square. NBA store. Disney Store. Another random set of photos from New York City. I apologize for the lack of posts. Good news though! Took my Business Calculus exam today and I feel good about it despite getting a headache an hour before the exam and working from 7am-12pm! I still have one more exam (which is on Monday) and I have yet to read about 14 readings before then.

Have a wonderful weekend world!

♥ kat

Monday, February 21, 2011

forgive me

I have a ton of studying to do the next few days for my Business Statistics and Business Calculus midterms. Before the semester began, every business student warned me the dangers of taking those two classes together in the same semester. Should of listened hahaha!

Friday, February 18, 2011

ippudo ny

65 4th Ave
New York, NY 10003

I had planned, months in advanced, all the delicious eateries my boyfriend and I had to try while we were in New York and Ippudo NY was not on the list. So, so, SOOOO glad that I turned on my MacBook one morning and logged onto my Yelp account (because logging on doesn't happen too often. I rely heavily on the Yelp app on my iPhone). I can't recall why I logged on but again, like I said, I'm glad I did. Had I not, I wouldn't of come across Ipuudo NY which was featured under "Hot on Yelp". Seriously, I honestly believe that it was fate that brought us together.

Anyway, after going over the menu with the boyfriend, we decided to eat here for dinner that I day I came across it and boy was it packed! We waited about 40 minutes to get seated but it was well worth the wait. We ordered the Hirata Buns and those buns are DELICIOUS!!!! AAAANNNND I hate pork buns (so that speaks for itself). We both ordered the Akamaru Modern Ramen and it was pretty good considering I'm quite picky with my ramen. For dessert, we ordered the blood orange sorbet which was definitely refreshing and super delicious.

Definitely worth coming back! Service was amazing! Food was Amazing! Super sad that we didn't get a chance to dine here a second time before flying back to LA but don't worry tummy, we'll be back in May!

♥ kat


Lately, I've been attempting to remodel my room. Mainly, just trying to organize my forever growing closet. In the past few months, I've been buying pieces that I absolutely LOVE and I want to make them easily accessible in the mornings (or nights) because it's just too much to sort through half asleep haha! Here's a couple of my new favorite garments: H&M leopard print coat, Zara camel cape, H&M polka dot boyfriend cardigan, Zara white faux fur jacket, H&M x Lanvin tiered floral dress, H&M suede wallet, Target leather gloves, and Marc by Marc Jacobs Aidan. Sorry for such a quick post! I've been up since 5 in the morning, went to work, went to school, ran errands with my mother and I still have yet to study for my crazy midterms next week! Have a wonderful weekend bloggers!

♥ kat

Monday, February 14, 2011


h&m dress and zara boots

Romantic. Draping. Dusty pink. Happy Valentine's Day Bloggers! Thought this dress was appropriate for the occasion (not that I'm doing anything since the boyfriend works and I have school).

And I apologize for how slightly blurry the outfit photo is (the last two photos were taken by yours truly). Boyfriend's vision isn't at his best lately (his photos are a hit and miss and obviously today was a miss) and will be getting glasses soon. To be honest, I'm not really complaining but I will say he's going to be looking extra handsome with glasses!

♥ kat

Friday, February 11, 2011

desert safari

zara leggings, topshop shoes, marc by marc jacobs purse, h&m jacket and blouse

Meet my new favorite pair of shoes! I wanted to get the black version at first but let's face it, I wear A LOT of blacks and wanted to spice up my wardrobe especially for spring. Surprisingly, these shoes go with a majority of my wardrobe so yay!

Alrighty, I'm going to catch up on Chelsea Lately right now before I sleep. Had a long day in San Diego with the boyfriend (that is, if you count eating barbecue and shopping as a "long day" haha) and I have a long day ahead of me later on today!

♥ kat

Tuesday, February 8, 2011


h&m blouse, skirt, and shoes

Since coming home from New York, I've been straying away from neutral clothes for vibrant garments. Maybe it's the amazing weather LA has been having.

Anyway, my boyfriend said that I look like sorbet. I kind of want some right now!

♥ kat

Saturday, February 5, 2011

new york city part one

LAX. Cab rides. Time Square. Starbucks in SoHo. Mocha from Cafe Gitane. Central Park. Lights. Just a couple random photos from New York (which I miss SOOOO much).

♥ kat

Friday, February 4, 2011


urban outfitter leggings, h&m cardigan, stole, and boots

Still recovering from the cold I got while I was in New York. It really doesn't help that school was, to my surprised, hectic as usual. Somehow, I under estimated how much work is being demanded from all of my classes ESPECIALLY when it involves taking Business Calculus and Business Statistics. Too much numbers involved. I'm also still working, but thankfully, just over the weekends.

Pretty much, this is all I've been wearing since coming back from New York. A cardigan, oversized top, skinnies, and boots topped off with a hat. Nothing special, just trying to be comfortable for class since I have to walk a million miles to upper campus this semester (as opposed to the CBA building which is literally, 20 feet from where I usually park).

♥ kat

I know, I know. My bangs are literally covering my eyes (literally). I could of sworn I got a bang trim not too long ago and now its covering my eyes yet again!