Friday, February 18, 2011


Lately, I've been attempting to remodel my room. Mainly, just trying to organize my forever growing closet. In the past few months, I've been buying pieces that I absolutely LOVE and I want to make them easily accessible in the mornings (or nights) because it's just too much to sort through half asleep haha! Here's a couple of my new favorite garments: H&M leopard print coat, Zara camel cape, H&M polka dot boyfriend cardigan, Zara white faux fur jacket, H&M x Lanvin tiered floral dress, H&M suede wallet, Target leather gloves, and Marc by Marc Jacobs Aidan. Sorry for such a quick post! I've been up since 5 in the morning, went to work, went to school, ran errands with my mother and I still have yet to study for my crazy midterms next week! Have a wonderful weekend bloggers!

♥ kat


StephWaung said...

love the leopard coat and the color of the polka dotted cardi! good luck on midterms =)

Nicole said...

Hey girl,
I just came across your blog. You have amazing style! Oh, and that coat is amazzzzzing.

-Nicole from Simply Nicole

Sia said...

Loving the leopard! x

Violet said...

love love everything in this picture especially the coat and the sweater

Vi from Cali