Friday, April 13, 2012

my life through instagram

1. orchids in the backyard
2. coffee bean treat
3. curry after he got groomed
4. korean-style lettuce wrap that the boyfriend and i made
5. curry
6. me. my hair is long enough to curl!

Haven't done much since Vegas since the boyfriend and I will be attending a destination wedding next week (soooooooo excited!). Not complaining since I actually enjoy staying at home at the moment. With finals and graduation coming up next month and exams next week, I'm doing all that I can to prep before the end of the semester.

By the way, working on my new blog. Started working on it (in between homework, readings, spreadsheets) and I'll update you guys when I have up and running!


GREEDS said...

Such a cute pup.


Sia said...

Cute dog x

blurredmemories said...

aww i love these! what a cute puppy :)