Wednesday, July 23, 2008


My favorite floral tiered chiffon dress that I found for $1. Okay, not really $1 since I got it reconstructed for $5, so really, $6. But hey, that's a steal if you ask me !

dress : vintage
sandals : topshop


katharina said...

Oh l love this georgeous dress. It looks so cute!


The first picture is BEAUTIFUL, not that the others aren't but the first one looks like it should be framed!

And great find!!!!! Love love love the outfit!

katherinelou said...

thank you for the kind comments gals !
hehe its okay annaversasry !
i know what exactly what you mean =)

Sweet_Escape said...

hi, i just started reading your blog (LOVE IT!) and i know this was an old post, but can you tell me where you got this dress "reconstructed"? did you just go to any tailor?