Monday, August 9, 2010


oc fair, july 2009

School is just around the corner (3 weeks) and now that I formally resigned from H&M on a good note, I plan on redirecting my focus on projects that I have yet to complete, focus on school, and have fun before the first day of class. Trying to get all of these done before I have to focus on school and the countless work load for geography, history, statistics, information systems, and marketing:
  • Margarita Monday with coworkers
  • OC Fair
  • Barneys Warehouse Sale (still haven't gone)
  • A "whatever I want" shopping spree at H&M with my employee discount before it deactivates.
  • Kayak with the boyfriend
  • Switching out the purple & gold for blue. Go Dodgers!
  • Comedy Fiesta?
  • Hollywood sign
  • Venice Beach
  • Santa Monica
  • San Diego Zoo
  • Walt Disney Concert Hall
  • LA skyline
I'm really really going to miss working at H&M (well mainly my coworkers). Okay, I'll admit it. I will miss the early morning 30 mile commute to work in TRAFFIC and grabbing coffee at Starbucks since I had to wake up extra early to drive to work, running around the store lost as to where everything goes after not working for a week, feeling like its Christmas when we get Trend garments in shipment, pizza for lunch, and Corner Bakery on paydays . Oh man, I'm getting a bit emotional. It still hasn't hit me that I put in my two weeks.

♥ kat


sweet said...

cute photo...

hope you will have fun dear...take it easy and just enjoy life!!!

take care always

Aurora said...

love the dress(?) you're wearing in the photo! where's it from?

katherinelou said...

sweet: thank you! i've been having tons of fun!

aurora: it's h&m but i bought it last year