Wednesday, March 21, 2012


1. Yojie Shabu Shabu for lunch.
2. Late night pho run with the boyfriend.
3. Yogurtland before my Econ Stats class. Pomegranate raspberry tart is my favoooorite flavor.
4. T by Alexander Wang skirt I scored from Nordstrom Rack. Has an awesome silver zipper in the back.
5. Went back to Nordstrom Rack (three days later) for more T by Alexander Wang (metallic oversize sweater and gray romper)!
6. Nail polish I picked up at American Apparel.

A few instagram photos since the last instagram post (follow me @katherinelou). Tomorrow is supposed to be date night but we're going to have to see if school work will allow us to have date night since my boyfriend and I didn't finish our spreadsheets for Econ Stats. I won't be too bummed if we don't have date night since we're going to Vegas and we get to also spend a whole day in LA next week. But I am bummed that I am a spreadsheet away from spring break. I so need it right now.

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blurredmemories said...

mm i love shabu shabu!