Saturday, March 28, 2009

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santouka shoyu ramen

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♥ kat


Delmy said...

YUMM...Looks so good.

Eden said...

i love ramen! its something totally irresistible.. if only it doesn't give you the paunch, i'd eat it daily!
can't wait to see more outfits from you. thanks for dropping in my blog!

love always

sueper said...

indeed - now I'm hungry!

Behind the Seams said...

that looks delicious! love the look in the previous post too! =)

Daisy said...

oooh that picture looks yum!

JangMa said...


kimvee said...

Ohmygosh, everything looks so yummy :)
How is twitter? I haven't jumped on the twitter wagon yet, is it similar to facebook? I don't really get it LOL

Noelle Chantal said...

oh wow this looks yum!

and i love your slouchy cardi below over the vintage dress. simple but stunning look! :)

Michelle Morgan said...

your blog is really cool! you should update more!!
I really want to start my own fashion blog too.
who takes your pictures? what kind of camera do you use?