Monday, October 12, 2009

will you be mine

Chloe never fails I tell you.

♥ kat


Anonymous said...

your blog is lovely!
i would like to exchange links with you.
check out my blog and if you wanna add my blog to your blog roll i would be over the top happy!

oh i think i have ´´seen´´ you at adorevintage forums!!!

have a wonderful day!

Nerdic.. said...

X, fashion-nerdic

Summer said...

Yeah they do. =D Feels so comfy dress. =D

A Writers Den
Brown Mestizo

Noelle Chantal said...

hi, Katherine! how are you? it's been a while since my last visit here. and thank you so much for sending your deep condolences.

by the way, your post below about your dad really touched me. i know how you feel... let's just think all the happy moments with them. it'll make us strong and make ourselves even better persons.

take care sweet!

Anonymous said...

Love the draping. Hope you're doing well, Kat!

xo, Becs

Anonymous said...

pretty draping!

x ws x

Anonymous said...