Monday, November 16, 2009

one day

via stockholm streetstyle

The epitome of adorable. Why can't people dress like this in Southern California? Oh that's right, demographics. Maybe I just need to move to Paris.



playwithfashion said...


Meldee said...

I agree, it's a gorgeous combination! The peep of skin hint at the right amount of sexy with lashings of cheeky.

I'm in Malaysia, which is not any better for weather, or style! Boo.

Anonymous said...

Agreed! Sooo gorg and chic.

Thanks for passing along the address for Sky's. Will def. need to check it out!

xo, Becs

kimvee said...

I would love to move to Paris as well LOL! But then again, I wear what I want where I live, despite the demographics HAHA

bijoubijou said...

so classy...what a gorge couple!