Wednesday, May 12, 2010

The Boiling Crab

The Boiling Crab
13892 Brookhurst St
Garden Grove, CA 92843

I know what you all LA based bloggers must be thinking. How on earth have I not done a post on Boiling Crab? There's so much hype around Boiling Crab, pretty much everyone that I know has eaten there. Problem is, my BF is allergic to seafood. Yes, that's right, my BF and I don't go on sushi dates or Boiling Crab dates or whatever seafood dates there is, we don't do it. I don't mind at all. The well being of my BF is my main concern, so eating seafood is usually not an option for me. Even the smell of seafood gets to him! And even if I were to eat seafood and he kisses me, he would have an allergic reaction! I've gotten used to it, so complaining here. Earlier this month (or was it last week? I forget haha) we decided to take a risk. Well I didn't want him to (for his well being of course), my BF was insisting that he tag along to Boiling Crab with my mom, brother, and two of our friends (I don't blame him, I'd feel left out too). Poor BF, while everyone was devouring a pound of sha-bang shrimp, he was eating fries and chicken wings. Rest assured everyone, my BF was fine! Even if my BF did survive a trip to Boiling Crab, I wouldn't risk it and would probably keep my trips minimal.

By the way, did I mention that I did enjoy the shrimp! I'm not a fan of crabs or lobsters or what not, so I didn't get that (but I do hear you get your money's worth if you choose to buy shrimp which by the way is $8.99/pound which was a lot for me). I'm not much of a seafood gal, but it was tasty! Maybe it was because the seasoning (lemon pepper, garlic butter, and rajun cajun seasoning) was THE dream concoction for a food lover like me! Downside though, I hate peeling my shrimp. So tedious and somehow I got a cut. Oh and too bad I didn't get a get photo of the delicious shrimp. I didn't want my camera to get greasy haha.

♥ kat


Style with Benefits said...

OMG I need to go there! I've never been! Looks and sounds dellish, and I'm def. a seafood lover. :)

I love your foodie posts!

xo, becs

katherinelou said...

yes becs try it! it's reallly good!

ruya tabirleri said...

I really like the pictures you've drawn