Wednesday, June 22, 2011


zara skirt, h&m blouse and wedges

Just a couple of new photos to share.

h&m jacket, shorts, and boots


Christine said...

great photos! I love those beautiful pastels colours in your first outfit, and your second outfit is co chic! :)

Michelleesque said...

I am loving the second outfit! :)

Sia said...

I want it all! x

Tayler said...

Love the first one! the colors are so beautiful!
<3 <3

CINDY NGO said...

kat, you are so cute. i love those h&m booties! are they recent buys? i guess that's a perk for working there eh? hehe

hope you & charles are doing well!


Style with Benefits said...

Kat, you look gorg! Did you get those boots recently? I haven't been to H&M in awhile but need to get my butt over there stat!

xx, becs