Thursday, June 30, 2011


zara blouse, skirt, and shoes

After work one day, I headed straight to Zara after finding out that they were having a sale and ended up with this amazing blouse and amazing shoes. I initially wanted the blouse in orange (orange, I know, weird) wayyy back but it didn't have the slouch I was looking for. Anyway, I wasn't aware that they had the blouse in this off white color till recently and unfortunately it was an extra large. Then I thought, why not? I love my clothes oversized so I bought it anyway and now I love it. And then I found these shoes (I almost bought them in Dallas but decided against it) and although they're not as high as my other shoes they're still cute.

On a different note, I've been cleaning and organizing my room. It may not seem as if I have a lot of clothes judging by the photo above, but that's not even half (nor a quarter, nor sixteenth and so and so forth) of it. I just don't have enough hangers to go around. Once my room is officially done, I'll take more photos but here's a sneak peak!


Dylana Suarez said...

Beautiful skirt!


Christine said...

i love all your great Zara pieces! i need to go visit Zara! :)

Becky said...

Casual and lovely. i love your style

Sia said...

Love this outfit, the colours are so fresh. Sia x

GREEDS said...

Loooove your blog, sincerely. Your outfits and shade choices are so refreshing.