Saturday, July 9, 2011

afternoon light

topshop dress and h&m shoes

Around 7:00PM to about 7:30PM, I find the natural light to be amazing. The light has a rich, warm tone that fascinates me whenever I'm out and about or driving west right before sunset. On the other hand, I want to take photos when the sun rises. Pretty sure it'll give off a completely different vibe and tone. Need to train my sleep cycle so that on my days off, I'll wake up around 6 0r 7 and not the usual noon.

As far as the dress, it's my new favorite. I actually have a lot of favorites but this is my current favorite. It can be dressed down or dressed up. Day or night kind of dress. The color and print of the dress makes it suitable during the day and the sequins make it a great date night dress. Don't be surprised if I wear this dress more than once!


Daisy said...

This dress is lovely and you are right, the lighting in your photo is perfect !

Sia said...

You look AMAZING and your right, the light is so perfect! x

Lainey said...

Such a stunning dress! I love the shimmeryness and the colors.

Shevah said...

Beautiful lighting! You look gorgeous. : )

Christine said...

amazing photo! I love that dress you look so pretty!

Nikki said...

This dress is just gorgeous! I really have to go make outfit photos in the rising sun, now all I need is someone to take the photos who's willing to get up so early!

Loves, Nikki

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