Tuesday, December 2, 2008


I ventured out to the streets of Los Angeles today (with an emphasis on Chinatown and Olvera Street) with my boyfriend and my brother. Went to the Central Plaza in an attempt to look for some umbrellas, but I didn't find one that suited me. Oh wells. Then we headed off for lunch and we went to some restaurant called "Full House" or something along that lines. Had pork, chicken and mongolian beef. Then we headed off to Olvera Street for churros and we originally had planned a trip to Little Tokyo, but I was beyond exhausted so we're planning on heading over there and Hollywood and Highland on sunday. That's all. Haha


Olvera Street

h&m leather jacket, bag and dress, urban outfitters scarf, target flats

♥ kat

While we were roaming the streets of Chinatown, we noticed cables running on the floor and we assumed they were filming. So we went to this alleyway-ish area, where they were shooting a scene for CSI:NY. It was pretty interesting, but everyone else didn't want to be in it (and I thought it would be fun!) cause you could if you wanted to. Next time.


karla said...

I once bought a turtle in Chinatown haha :)

And to answer your question- I usually go to the H&M at the Beverly Center.

Anonymous said...

Love the layers! And the pop of colour in the scarf is great.

Justmel and my style said...

I love this outfit! so pretty

Natacha said...

You are beautiful !
I love your yellow scarf :)

...love Maegan said...

omg so cute!

katherinelou said...

karla : haha a turtle ! & thanks for answering my question

unwise pedestrian : thank you ! i needed to throw in a color to my otherwise all-black outfit

just mel and my style : ahh thanks

natcha : thank you . . and i looove my scarf too !

maegan : thanks =)

Zoƫ said...

i love this look!
it reminds me of Rachel Bilson sorta.


Vanessa said...

these are such cute/artistic pictures!

do you have a friend take it of you or do you carry a tripod around?

i havent been to california in soo long.