Friday, December 5, 2008


Stopped by the Obey sale today, but a 4-5 hour wait convinced me not to step foot out of the car as we drove by. Oh wells. Yesterday was a more exciting day. My friends and I went to the LA convention center for the Skidazzle event. Browsed around till I found the board I wanted (a snowboard to be exact!). So, we're all coming back tomorrow to purchase our boards and now I'm beyond excited for snowboarding season.

h&m sweater and urban outfitters skinnies

♥ kat

UPDATE:So I ended up going back to Santa Ana for the OBEY sale. A friend of mine told us that there was no line so I figured, heck why not. So we headed out over there and waited for 5 minutes in line. Once we were inside, it was COMPLETE madness. People throwing clothes here and there. The men's section had a lot more than women's and I only ended up buying this mustard jacket that I wanted from Urban Outfitters quite awhile ago. I'm going to wear it to Skidazzle tomorrow so expect to see me wearing it. I also got this purple shirt (I'm not a graphic tee shirt kind of gal but it was cute) and they were also giving out free shirts which was cool so I grabbed myself one. Hehehe.


simply.steph said...

bahah, too cute, I was this close to buying that sweater. but I ended up using the money for food. booooo, now i feel i bet bad about skipping out on an awesome sweater...

Dana (MODAna) said...

they make the world go round.

bryna said...

great photo!

deep_in_vogue said...

how fun, I need to do some shopping too, haven't gotten any christmas presents yet..

SOS! said...

that photo is so cute!
xx-LJ from SOS!

katherinelou said...

simply.steph : yes the sweater is amazing ! i was really close to not buying it buy i'm glad that i did !

dana : yes i love sales !

bryna : thank you

deep in vogue : ohh gooodness i haven't done anything christmas shopping either =/

SOS : thank you !