Thursday, September 24, 2009


over the pacific ocean, july 2009

Thank you all for the kind words you all left in regards to my last post. It's good to know that there are wonderful people in this world! The last week has been extremely difficult for me, but I've gotten better! Now I'm just concentrating on three midterms I have on Monday (on top of work!) Wish me luck!

♥ kat

The photo above is one of my favorite photos. Peaceful photo. Assures me that my Dad's in my peace for some reason.


Sarra R. said...

oh dear, i kinda missed your last post!
i don't really can understand the way you feel, but sort of:
in june i lost one of my oldest friends! i grew up with him and he was kinda like my little brother, he would have turned 19 a month ago...
all my toughts and prayers go out to you!
this is a hard time and telling you, that things will get better is just wrong, but you will get happy again and always remember the great times with him, and that you were his daughter and he loved you just as much as you love him! and of that i'm sure!!
i'll think of you!!

playwithfashion said...

:))) Happy that U're better now! Take care, and good luck on monday!

Monika P. said...

what a beautiful view!

christine said...

I'm glad you can use this blog to channel your emotions as well as your passion for fashion, traveling, photography... LIFE.

Sometimes the simple comments you receive from complete strangers are comforting.


I found your blog yesterday through Chictopia and really enjoy it! I'd love it if we can do a link exchange since I seem to share similar interests! I'm from the LA area! I think you are too?