Tuesday, January 19, 2010

girly girl

valentino SS10, www.style.com

I have this soft spot for girly, flow-y,silky, and pastel colored dresses. The entire Spring/Summer collection from Valentino is exactly that and it makes me wish sometimes for spring to come. More like springtime in Central Park kind of springtime. Hehehe. If you know me at all, you would know that I prefer colder climates and neutral color wardrobe (okay an all black wardrobe haha) than the girly girl stuff but sometimes I tend to lean towards the lighter end of the spectrum. Just sometimes.

♥ kat


a* said...

that dress is lovely. is it weird for me to say that i wish i had smaller boobs so i would be able to wear very low drop v neck flowy dresses :( lol. P.S. i love that you have a left side column of food you want to try, haha.

style of olya baileys said...


FashionJazz said...

Luv this dress!! Hope u well honey : ) xx

Anonymous said...

So gorg. Love the top part especially!

xo, becs

novita irene said...

hi, kat (i hope you don't mind if i call you by name)..
i have been reading your blog since long, but i think this is my first time to comment. I do love your blog, and I didi miss a lot of things from your blog. so sorry. but i still want to deliver you a birthday greeting, so happy birthday.
about you floral h&m harem pants, that is crazy, in a good term of course..:)
i'll comment later.
keep blogging and keep inspiring,
let's keep in touch..:DD

katherinelou said...

a*: the dress is lovely! and don't worry about wanting smaller boobs. i'm actually glad that i have small boobs haha

style of olya baileys: thanks for stopping by!

fashionjazz: i know i love it too! hope you're doing well too!

stylewithbenefits: isn't the top part amazing?!?

novita irene: you can definitely call me kat! and thanks for stopping by and for the birthday greeting!

Anonymous said...

Omgggg I loveee the draping of this dress! So lovely! xo, mel

katherinelou said...

mel: yes the draping is amazing!