Wednesday, January 6, 2010


h&m cardigan, vintage sweater, urban renewal harem pants, target shoes, f21 bag

I have this reputation of buying the most horrific piece of clothing on the face of this planet. Everyone (coworkers, even my BF) question my purchases but I don’t really care. As far as these pants, my BF pretty much looked like he was going to barf when I found these lovely leopard harem pants at UO for $9.99. I guess I just gravitate towards unusual clothing.

Tomorrow is my birthday! So, today I was in LA shopping and eating hoping to find a birthday outfit but I failed. Oh well. I came up with some decent purchases that are best suited for everyday wear. And I discovered that I prefer Wasteland over Buffalo Exchange, ANY DAY :)

OH! and I started a formspring awhile ago! Ask me anything!


♥ kat


Delmy said...

ADORE your pants!! I can't believe how fast your hair has grown!


Dylana said...

Those harem pants are divine!

Kim Louise said...

I love this look! Harem pants are so difficult to wear but you pull them off easily!


tailorstitch said...

i love the bag, cant believe its f21 i wish i could go bck to America just for a mad spree there

Eden said...

wow, those harem pants are love! and i agree with Kim, you pull them off soo incredibly nicely!


katherinelou said...

delmy: my hair is still at an awkward stage though! I just wished it was long again

dylana: thank you!

kim louise: aww thank you :)

tailorstitch: this is pretty much the only f21 bag that I have that is of good quality ... i love it soo much

eden: thank you!

Anonymous said...

Yes, these are the pants I remember you said you got a little while ago. I LOVE them! I love anything leopard print, so these rock.

You look fab.

xo, Becs