Wednesday, January 27, 2010

teishokuya of tokyo

TOT/Teishokuya of Tokyo
345 E 2nd St
Los Angeles, CA 90012

Before my 22nd birthday, I went to LA to do some shopping at Wasteland and Jet Rag and ate delicious, oh so delicious Japanese food at this little place in Little Tokyo called Teishokuya of Tokyo (or in short, TOT). One of my good friends introduced me to this little joint since her boyfriend works at a sneaker shop across the street. I'm not much of a miso soup person but the miso soup was good. As an entree, I ordered a Sauce Katsu bowl (the first photo) and oh my goodness, it is SOOO good! I rarely, if ever, get chicken katsu, but oh man the sauce on the chicken katsu was AMAZING! The other entrees were bento boxes with spicy chicken, tempura, gyoza, and California rolls. The spicy chicken was really good too. AHH now I'm hungry, hahaha.

Some of you may know that I started school this week and for one thing, I can tell you that this semester is going to be one hectic semester. Not sure how often I can blog (accounting, calculus, information systems, and philosophy all require me to do homework every single week and it's not even work you can half-ass. My homework consists of balancing financial statements, derivatives, and extremely meticulous power points and spreadsheets that even a slight differentiation in color will get you docked 5 points) but I'll try my best!


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annaversary said...

i thought the first bowl was a waffle.