Wednesday, June 2, 2010

life is a funny thing

hawaii, june 2010

It’s crazy how life works. For the last two years, I’ve been beaten down (emotionally, not physically) and my lack of motivation has affected me in both work and school. That being said, I always whine about how much I HATE life. Today, it changed. I hiked up Diamond Head Crater in Oahu and once I saw the beautiful view of Waikiki, I realized to myself, life isn’t so bad after all. Although I was exhausted, it was a rewarding experience and I felt really good.

♥ kat


Michelle Elaine said...

<3 Life isn't so bad after all. Just remember to breathe & treat yourself, you're your first priority!


P.S. - I really miss Hawaii. If you aren't a vegan or vegetarian you oughtta try a PUKA DOG!! SO GOOD!

katherinelou said...

michelle: awww thank you for the comment! yea it was a relief to see a view. i need to teach myself to just relax! i tried puka dog last year!! i didn't get to last year since i wanted to try new places!