Tuesday, June 29, 2010

wine and dine

photo by: rbg photo

photo by: sutanto

After a night of laughter while watching Hell's Kitchen as the Blue Team "enjoyed" themselves at a winery, my boyfriend and I decided to take a trip up north to Napa Valley and San Francisco for his birthday next month with a couple of friends. I'm definitely excited because 1) I LOVE San Francisco (well third after New York and Hawaii) and 2) I've tried wine tasting once, but it was in Mexico last year and I'm excited to go especially in a place well known for their vast variety of wineries. Without a doubt, I'm excited to go up north next month after a million failed attempts this year. Something was always coming up and forcing me to postpone the trip. I'm definitely making it imperative that we do this trip! No excuses.

♥ kat

Any recommendations for wineries in Napa? I'm definitely considering all recommendations so please do share!


Style with Benefits said...

Have fun, Kat! Actually can you do a post after your trip about the wineries you visited? :)

I have yet to make it up there myself and would love recommendations for a future trip there!

xo, becs

Michelle Elaine said...

No recommendations on wineries, but I do have two restaurants to suggest: Redd & 25 degree Brix.


katherinelou said...

becs: of course! you know how i am with my food hahaha

michelle elaine: oh i'm definitely going to have to try that! you seem to travel a lot as well :)

Anna said...

I haven't been to Napa, but living in Ontario, CA, I'm surrounded by wineries (and work at one too!)

I'd suggest finding a smaller, family-run winery. I find they have the best stories and care about the customers more. You might get to chat with an owner, and they tend to love answering questions. It's interesting to compare that to the large, well-known wineries - completely different experiences!