Monday, June 21, 2010

purple & gold- KOBE!

lakers parade, june 2010

Woke up at 5:00 in the morning to go to the Lakers Parade! Getting there was a piece a cake on the metro. Got the best seat in town but as soon as 11:30 rolled around and those behind me pushed me against the riot barriers and continuous yelling right by my ear, I almost lost it. Walked from Washington to 7th Street in a sea of purple and gold. Discovered the LONG line outside the Metro Center to get back on the metro, so I ate chinese food for an hour. The line back onto the metro slowed down but still stood up in the train for half the trip. Was it worth it? Of course! This is the third time I've seen Kobe within a year. Worth every minute!

The photos I am posting today is only of Kobe. So much photos were taken, I'll post the other players and important people in another post!

♥ kat


lellow said...

wow, you guys look sooo cute together-sweet couple

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Michelle Elaine said...

You saw him that close?! Bananas!


Janice said...

Sorry I'm a big fan of Boston Celtics!!! But any way I like your post cute couple!!! fake handbag