Monday, July 12, 2010

summer 2010

This summer has worn me out and we're only halfway through! Since school ended, I've:

1. attended three graduations and three graduation parties in one day
2. hopped on a plane to Hawaii
3. bowling mondays!
4. getty museum with the only little gal I would ever babysit
5. miniature golfing
6. laker parade
7. kayaking with friends
8. dropped off my mother to the airport
9. happy hours at Yardhouse
10. lunch at Furaibo
11. endless shopping with my mother
12. three different 4th of July parties
13. billiards with the boyfriend
14. work work work to pay for it all!

I feel like life needs to slow down just a tad bit. Must recharge and refuel and start all over again.


lellow said...

yes i absolutely know what you mean :-D

beautiful picture btw

Not a Paper Cup said...

I agree...sometimes it feels like we hardly have time to catch our breath...

In any case I just came across your blog, it looks awesome :)...

Anonymous said...

Your photos are so captivationg and you honestly are motivationg me to do more this summer before the cold weather creeps around and blows away all my cute summer wardrobe...


Sweet said...

Great photo love...just take your time...relax now...

much love