Saturday, July 24, 2010

vegas part three

las vegas, march 2010

I will be spending a couple days this coming week in Vegas to celebrate my boyfriend's 23rd birthday! I'm so ready for some Fat Tuesdays, The Buffet at the Wynn, pretzels, Hash House, and so much more. Seriously, three Vegas trips in one year is way out of my character. I usually go to San Francisco but $22 for a night at the Luxor sounded tempting compared to $200/night in SF. My traveling as of right now (depending on my financial situation since of course I'm paying for most of my trips out of my own pocket while my mother pays for our family trip) are listed below:

July: Vegas
August: San Francisco and Napa Valley/Sonoma
December/January: New York City/Washington DC, Georgia, and Maui/Oahu
May/June: Japan or Europe

So excited. Now, must continue saving money to finance the trips!

♥ kat


sweet said...

Enjoy Vegas dear!!!

I know you will have tons of fun!!!

take care love

Style with Benefits said...

What? $22/night? Is that total or are you splitting the cost? Hope you are having fun in Vegas. I'm uber jealous of all your vacays!

xx, becs

katherinelou said...

thanks you gals!

becs: that's the total ... okay $24 with tax! its just a small vacation nothing big ... boyfriend needs to get away for awhile!