Tuesday, March 15, 2011

arts & florals

Hello everyone! I'm taking a break from Business Stats studying to post a few photos from today (yesterday, however you like to see it). My brother is here in LA for the next few weeks so in between studying, work, and school, we tried to squeeze in foodie time. Today, we drove to LA to try Genwa, an amazing Korean restaurant just a few blocks away from LACMA. Talk about amazing (but I'll save that for another post when I find the time)! Yesterday, we went to Little Tokyo to try Japanese crepes and tomorrow we'll be grabbing drinks with friends at Yardhouse. Super excited!

What I'm also excited about is Vegas in two weeks! My boyfriend and I will be spending a few days in Vegas and also meeting one of my friends there for dinner. I know it would be a little selfish for me to say that I'm in need of a vacation given that I just got back from New York not too long ago but I reallllly neeeed it. This semester has been a pain and I should actually get back to studying since my Stats midterm is later on tonight -___-

By the way, the last photo is a photo of a piece of the original Berlin Wall (I know that looks grammatically incorrect. I didn't know how else to word it haha). In commemoration of the 20th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall, several artists painted pieces of the Berlin Wall. I thought it was pretty nifty!

♥ kat


Sia said...

Love the pictures, its nice to hear that your taking a break from time to time. When ever I read your post it sounds like your working so hard. I hope you have a great time in Vagas!! Love Sia x

Sarade said...

Your restaurant exploration sounds divine, and thanks for sharing the Berlin wall photo!

Stephanie said...

the flowers are so pretty, your photography is wonderful. korean food sounds delish =) hope you aced your exam!!

Sick by Trend said...

spring is coming!!! i really love your city! i need return!! im following, great blog!

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