Wednesday, March 23, 2011

all day everyday

Where are my laker fans at? I know, I know, this is completely irrelevant to my blog but thought I'd share what I believe was on of the most amazing game (against the Suns) that I have ever seen! 3 overtimes and they managed to win the game. How amazing is that? I love the Lakers, but most importantly, I love LA (to an extent hahaha).

♥ kat

Artest is slowing becoming my favorite. He's quite a character!


Stephanie said...

LOLL you are so cute! but seriously why is kobe so beautiful?? agreed, lakers are ah-mazy =)

Style with Benefits said...

Hey Kat! Well, I'm a Lakers fan as of this yr. since Steve Blake went to my University. Hope you're well!

xx, becs