Thursday, May 5, 2011

hello bloggers!

h&m top, skirt, and shoes

Hello everyone! Just wanted to stop by and say that I haven't forgotten about my blog! I know I use the same excuse over and over but I'm just trying to get by with school and work. I went to Dallas over the weekend to visit my brother so in a few days I'll be posting photos from my first trip to Texas! And normally, since summer break is around the corner, I would have more time to blog BUT I'll be attending summer session (business finance and human sexuality) throughout the entire summer. I'm taking 7 classes in the fall (hopefully, since I have to pass calculus before I can get into micro and macroeconomic theory which are prerequisites for my other economic class I should be taking in the spring blehhhh) and then 4 more classes during spring semester before I graduate. Can't wait to FINALLY graduate next spring!


Sia said...

All the best with it all. I know how hard it to to keep bloging when life gets busy. Love Sia x said...

Beautiful!! Good luck with everything in your life xx

Lisa said...

is that by the lighthouse in long beach?

beautiful pic!