Friday, May 20, 2011

here and there

h&m jacket, zara skirt, and topshop shoes

A couple of photos taken in the last two months. Vegas, Texas, food adventures in LA. Kind of combined all the photos in one post since I haven't been taking photos lately. Kind of a hassle haha. Anyway, school is finally over (well at least spring semester) and I have a whole week of nothing to do before summer session. Well not necessarily "nothing to do" since I have plenty to do in the next week but I'll be updating frequently since I'm only taking one class per session. I'm sure I'll have time to post!


Sia said...

Great pictures! I love that you travel a lot, I wish I could travel a lot more. Love Sia x

Anonymous said...

Love the outfit! And love the food porn :D Moe xx

Anonymous said...

Darling, you look soooo good!
I <3 everything, jacket, skirt, bag & shoes! And the view behind you.
Sandwich looks delicious. What's inside? I can see tomato, salad and chees, what elese?

Kisses from sunny Cracow,

Magda ;)

Dylana Suarez said...

You look amazing and I love all these picks!


Zweiteiler said...

loveyly blog! great outfits and pictures! this skirt is very cute!


EXTRAordinary People said...

I absolutely love the outfit with the Topshop shoes! I love the shoes, they're amazing!


Anonymous said...

Hi I've been on your blog a few times. I adore your marc by marc jacobs bag! do you have 2 of them or is that the same one? Do you mind me asking what style it is? Thanks! =)