Friday, May 27, 2011

down by the marina

h&m dress, h&m x swedish hasbeens shoes

Met my boyfriend when he got off at work to spend some time by the beach and eat some delicious In-n-Out. He works not too far from the beach so we stopped by the marina to take a couple photos.

I'm going through an In-n-Out phase right now. It's pretty bad. For the longest, I only ate fries (yes, only fries but with spread!) but I recently discovered chopped chilies and I add them to my burgers all the time now. Also, I wasn't too fond of animal style but now I love it. #2 cheeseburger animal style with chopped chilies please!



what a pretty print on the dress and cute shoes too xxo

Dylana Suarez said...

The dress is stunning on you! I am love In n Out, too!


Sia said...

I LOVE this dress!! I'm totally getting it. x

Jessica said...

Stunning dress! Really love the pop of color and geometric print. Also I fell in love with In N Out when I tried it for the first time back in March when I was in LA for vacation. Too bad there's none on the east coast because I miss it.

ALYSSA said...

i totally love this dress! i'm so speechless as to how pretty it is!!!

and i forgot to say in my last comment, i totally added you! =D

Victoria said...

Such a femenine and divine dress :)you look lovely .x