Friday, January 30, 2009


[the getty, January 2007]

School has never been so overwhelming, hence no outfit posts. I'm at school practically everyday from 8:00 in the morning till like 6:00 at night. Okay I may be a bit exaggerating. I'm only at school everyday from 8-6:00 Tuesday/Thursday but 8 AM classes FOUR DAYS A WEEK brings out the worst in me. And my readings and homework are starting to pile up and it's just the first week!

and I'm a bit sleep deprived

♥ kat


burningDESIRE said...

AHH! I am going through the same situation! Already, it is the 1-2 week of classes for the second semester and I already have a huge work load. Trying to do multiple activities (outside of classes), eat, and spend time unwinding, can get overwhelming. Hang in there! Know that there are many just like you--- basically every other college student. :) Stay encouraged!

katherinelou said...

i know it's overwhelming for all college students !
hopefully i'll be able to catch up this weekend
which may be unlikely (like always) !
thanks for the encouragement !