Tuesday, January 27, 2009

i would of had an outfit post . .

. . . had I not been on campus from 8:00 in the morning till 6:00 in the evening! And I am pretty sure I was not going to bring around a huge DSLR and be photographed among curious college students in efforts to have a post. In addition, I'm quite certain that I'm going to throw on something simple tomorrow since I have a CHEM LAB tomorrow, so MAYBE an outfit post is unlikely. I apologize for the delay. I'm quite a flake and I know I am. Prepare for a long post. I decided to deactivate my facebook and myspace (well at least deleted 99.96% of my friends) to focus on blogging, but more importantly- SCHOOL.

Speaking of school, I'd like to tell you about my day. My first class was a Physical Anthropology class which was interesting but the WALK there was not pleasant whatsoever. Not preparing for the worst, I wore lace stockings with three inch heels, WHICH did not blend well because I walked maybe close to TWO miles to class. Unfortunately, that class was on the other side of campus (and if you attend California State University of Long Beach, you'd understand what I mean) from where my brother and I parked. My feet were killing me by the time I got into class. It was embarrassing that I was walking at the pace of a turtle another 2 miles back to the car so I can nap. My next class was a Chemistry class, which by far is a very humorous class and quite interesting. But then again, science and math are kind my kind of subjects. Sure I'm great in English and History, but I rather sit around and balance chemical equations and solve mathematical equations than to have complete writer's block upon writing a paper ARGH. Well I learn quite a few facts today I thought I'd like to share:

-we're the only species that have a vertical forehead since our frontal lobe is a lot more sophisticated than other species. HMM

-apparently there's a study that switching to kangaroo meat from cow meat can actually save the planet. When cows, for a lack of a better word, "fart" they release methane into the atmosphere and increases global warming. Kangaroos on the other hand don't, and therefore is a step to slowing down global warming. Not sure if changing to kangaroo meat would be acceptable in certain societies (not sure if I would even try kangaroo meat!) but hey if it works for you, then it does! If you would to know more information about switching to kangaroo meat as an alternative to saving our planet, there's an article on BBC News you can check out!

But after being out all day on campus, I deserve a well needed nap. After all, I have my lab at 8:00 in the morning till 10:45 and my Economics class from 12:30 to 1:45. Don't want to be behind on my sleeping habits!

♥ kat

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