Friday, July 31, 2009


matthew williamson x h&m top, target sandals, h&m purse, ABC Store Pink Frosted Tube

I just got back from Hawaii today and it was super amazing (despite the fact that I’m definitely NOT a summer girl especially since my wardrobe choices seem to decline since it gets SO HOT). Here’s what I wore one my way to go swimming in Waikiki.

Here are a couple photos from my trip:

And yes the second photo is the same dress Annabel had in one of her Chictopia posts. When I went to work, I lucked out when I found out that the dress was on sale for $15. It was a bit difficult to wear around Waikiki when it was pouring rain though.

♥ kat


FashionJazz said...

Hello you! Looks like u had such an amazing time!! Luv ur pics!! xxx

Donner K said...

Awesome pics! I saw the maxi in Hong Kong a few months ago and I fell in love. Now that I'm back in the States I regret not purchasing it since we don't have H&M here. Love your blog! I started following it and checked back daily for updates. :)

Maggie said...

Lovely pics and in love with your summery frocks!

roadtofashion said...

so cute picks:) you look lovly ;)

Anonymous said...

Fun pics and welcome back! Super jealous you went to Hawaii..I so need a vacay. Love the cover-up/dress you're wearing with the black hat. So chic.

xo, Becs

tailorstitch said...

really like you beach looks, i would love to visit Hawaii someday

Mare said...

i heart hawaii!

Elaine said...

We were JUST there!! We seriously went to Waikiki like every day! You look amazing! Hope you had a great time!

Summer said...

Awesome photos! And your summer dresses, so cool! =D

A Writers Den
The Brown Mestizo

modediktat said...

Hi Kat,
wooooooooow, I'm visiting your fab blog for the first time and these wonderful pictures of your holiday are welcoming me here! SO LOVELY!
Hanh of Lif in Travel is also on Hawaii this week with her family - what a magnificent place to be!!!
Your beach outfits are adorable!
xoxo, Sofie

6roove said...

woooow, awesome beach
i like your outfit


Kat said...

You got lovely summer wear! Nice blog.

Me, Martina said...

So lovely summer photos!

Dynamite socks said...

Really dont understand how people like yourself can still look great on the beach i look like a sweaty mess, with a pony tail on my head! not pretty ahah


Great pics looks like a gorgeous place.

Montreal Fashion Minds said...

You are too cute!

~Montreal Fashion Minds is BACK!!~

Petite Princess said...

You look great in your H&M Kaftan.MW Part 2 came out the week after I went on holiday so I haven't had a chance to wear it yet..but I cant wait!