Monday, July 6, 2009


mr. old man curry babe and i, july 2009

  • work out
  • bank tomorrow morning
  • buffalo exchange
  • h&m to buy my brother clothes
  • disneyland with my awesome friend!

    I apologize for the lack of outfit posts (always happens). I tried to do one today but I went to the grocery store with my mother (who can not operate a camera for anything) and then went to sleep. Oh! and I did all this after going to the cemetery to visit my Dad and my Grandpa and shopped at H&M for my cousin's birthday presents. I was pretty much pooped. But don't fear, I've bought a lot of clothes last week at work (thank you sales!) so I should start wearing them soon!

    Good night! Not sure why I'm up so late!

    ♥ kat

    Anonymous said...

    Aww, your dog is too cute! My mom is also a little slow in the camera operating dept. She takes forever to take a single shot with the digital camera, but gotta love her. Looking forward to the outfit posts again. :)

    xo, Becs

    FASHIONconfectionairy said...

    That is such a cute picture love your doggie!!!!!
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    Mads said...

    Curry is such a cutie!!

    Eden said...

    can't wait to see your upcoming outfit posts! and oh god, your doggy is such a dear!

    much love


    Lori said...

    aww your dog is so cute! and I'm also jealous that you went to disneyland, I will always love that place ;)

    Julia mode said...

    lovely blog !! =)


    Sydnie said...

    Great picture! I absolutely love your blog ... I will definately be returning soon!


    erin said...

    such a cute dog, lovely photo!
    can't wait to see the new clothes. sales are heaven.


    katherinelou said...

    becs: haha we have something in common!

    fashionconfectionairy: thank you! you're so sweet!

    mads: i know! he's a quite a stud whenever i take him out!

    eden: i know, i have to get on it with my outfit posts! hahaha

    lori: disneyland IS an amazing place! i'm sure you'll find the time to go there soon :)

    julia mode: thank you for visiting my blog and glad you like it!

    sydnie: please do stop by again! thank you for visiting though!

    erin: sales are always fun! im always trying to look for good deals especially at work :)