Monday, July 13, 2009


mom's vintage swimsuit and shorts, target sandals, f21 hat

Two years ago, my boyfriend and I were looking for bikes and when we came across this tandem one, we just HAD to get it! I love riding around the neighborhood with my boyfriend!

With that aside, I’m wearing my mom’s vintage swimsuit. She literally was going to throw it away till I intercepted it. It really is an amazing swimsuit. Very 70’s I think.

OH! and it is getting super hot here in Southern California. I find myself lounging around in my maxi dress and drinking endless bottles of water to keep hydrated. I just want autumn to come here already. Saw an amazing black&gold oversized sweater at work yesterday. It was a return so I'm going to hit up another H&M to see if they have it in stock.

♥ kat


Style and beyond said...

came across your blog -- hey there :)

love the swimsuit!!


Delmy said...

I LOOOVE THIS! Too cute!

Lori said...

what a cute photo!! i love your outfit and this makes me miss riding bikes!

michellehendra said...

you're sexy and hot :) i love your outfit though, the bike seems funny..


Joelyne said...

ohh you look gorgeous!!!


Danielle said...

Super cute baithing suit!

Noelle Chantal said...

i love the bathing suit as top! good thing your mom found them! this photo is so cute with that bike. your black sandals and hat is so nice too. very vintage looking picture! kudos to your moms very nice vintage pieces. :)

have a happy summer!

olya baileys said...

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Anonymous said...

you look soo cute! i think i have the black & gold h&m sweater- i bought it a few weeks ago, love it!

bloo. said...

you look awesome !