Sunday, July 5, 2009

something special

new york city, january 2009

I couldn't ask for a better bf when I first met him. My bf and I have been together for 6 and a half years and it has been definitely the best 6 and half years (and counting) of my life. I am thankful I have someone who not only respects me but other women as well. That's why a lot of women confide in my bf when they are going through a tough time (and I'm definitely not selfish when it comes to that). He is also financially independent and has been since middle school haha. The stuff for his car (audio, subwoofer, lights- you name it), his traveling, his food, his bills, he pays pretty much everything on his own. I can't quite remember a time when his parents EVER took him shopping. With that, I learned from him the importance of budgeting my finances (although I'm unsuccessful 75% of them time- but I'm getting there). I know I've found something special in him and I'm never in doubt with our relationship. A lot of times, couples say that they are uncertain with what the future holds (in regards to marriage, spending the rest of your life with your significant other blah blah). I think otherwise. Call me naive and/or ignorant for saying such a statement, but I know how much he cares about me and I know how much I care about him.

This is pretty much stemming from the fact that my bf is overseas with his family and the past couple days have been rough. Throw "pathetic" at me cause there are couples who have been apart for a lot longer than we have, but hey I'm crazy in love with him and I miss him dearly (actually A LOT). AHHH counting down the days till I see him so we can run around Disneyland and laugh and giggle while riding Space Mountain.

♥ kat

happy belated 4th everyone!


FashionJazz said...

Katherine, this is the cutest pic ever!!!! xx

$ouLphate said...

ahhh this is too sweet!! hope he returns soon ^^ xoxo

Nataliexxx said...

Lucky girl!

He sounds absolutely greaTT. 'Financially independent since middle school...' -whoah!

P.S: I've added your brilliant blog to my blogroll <3

Hadley said...

this is beautiful. you're so lucky to have found someone like him

katherinelou said...

fashionjazz: thank you!

soulphate: ahh he should be returning soon! excited!

nataliexxx: thank you for stopping by my blog! haha yea i make it seem like child labor when i said that but he always saved his birthday/christmas money to buy his food&toys or whatever haha. and thanks for adding me to your blogroll! i shall do the same!

hadley: aww thank you :)

tailorstitch said...

aww thats so sweet nice guys are really hard to find these days

Maggie said...

Such a sweet post and glad u have found ur Mr. Right!!
A belated Happy 4th July to u! :)

Farrah said...

That's the cutest picture!! I love seeing people in love :) I've been with my bf for about 2 and a half years now, and he's been the greatest bf ever! I'm very blessed to have him in my life, even tho at times i feel that i don't deserve him lol. I wish the best for the both of you!

katherinelou said...

tailorstitch: i know im pretty lucky :)

maggie: thank you!

farrah: aww congrats with you and your bf! thank you for the sweet comments and i wish you the best for the both of you too!