Wednesday, May 20, 2009

because i added more...

h&m coat, target shoes, urban outfitters shirt and leather pants

1. study for finals- STUDY STUDY STUDY!!!
2. catch up with blog comments
3. go to the beach (venice? santa monica? maybe even both)
4. go to The Getty
5. go to the Museum of Contemporary Art in Little Tokyo
6. Walt Disney Concert Hall
7. Museum of Jurassic Technology
9. go biking down belmont
10. go miniature golfing
11. go ice skating
12. go bowling

-add ons-
13. griffith park observatory
14. hollywood sign
15. hollywood & highland
16. san francisco (thrifting!)
17. boyfriend's birthday and his secret CRAZY birthday surprise
18. sew crazy dresses
19. kayaking
20. catalina

... yes I will have the best summer (besides the fact that my boyfriend is leaving me by going overseas to the philippines, palawan, and singapore ... sad face) !

♥ kat


Danielle said...

Oh my gosh, you're going to have a very eventful summer! Thrifting in San Francisco sound fun.

Summer said...

Oh my,you have such a wonderful summer.And your boyfriend is going to Philippines? That was a great place to be in summer.How come you are not going with him?=( Looking forward on your next post.=)

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The Brown Mestizo

Maggie said...

Beautiful as always! Congrats on u new job at H&M. I have just started my new blog, mind to swap links? xx

Solo said...

Oh,you should go with your boyfriend going here in the Philippines.Palawan is a great place, hope to see more from you.And have a great day.Looking forward on your next post.=)

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Anonymous said...

Your pants are amazing! Did you get them recently? I'm going to search online right now. :)

xo, Becs

Rosanna said...

thats a gorgeous coat!!!!!!

♥ fashion chalet said...

great coat, you look so gorgeous here :)


Delmy said...

Hope you get all that accomplished. btw is your hair cut like an angled bob?

Eden said...

wow, that bubble coat from H&m is gorgeous, works really well with your leather pants!

and how cool is it that your boyfriend is vacationing in my country?! thats absolute coolness. too bad you cant make it w him:(

much love


Ash Fox said...

your shoes are amazing! i love the entire look!

The Man Who Knew Too Much said...

Awesome style!
Awesome summer plans!
Sad that you and your bf won't be together :/

Anonymous said...

gorgeous jacket!