Sunday, May 3, 2009

things to do part one

110 Freeway, Downtown Los Angeles

First and foremost, finish two papers for Anthropology and then for the next couple of weeks:

1. study for finals- STUDY STUDY STUDY!!!
2. catch up with blog comments
3. go to the beach (venice? santa monica? maybe even both)
4. go to The Getty
5. go to the Museum of Contemporary Art in Little Tokyo
6. Walt Disney Concert Hall
7. Museum of Jurassic Technology
9. go biking down belmont
10. go miniature golfing
11. go ice skating
12. go bowling

. . . and so much more! I like making lists. Feels like I've accomplished something once I cross something out.


Jenifer said...

i like making lists too.:)

thischicksgotstyle said...

Really gorgeous outfit in your previous post with the h&m trend skirt!! I have a top of that fabric, it's lovely.


kimvee said...

I haven't been to Disney Land for so long! LOL

Josh said...

sweet to do list.
haven't been to the moca in little tokyo. the moca on grand ave next to the disney music hall has a great exhibition of dan graham atm, you should def stop by.

katherinelou said...

jenifer, thischicksgotstyle: thanks for the sweet comments!

kimvee: haha I haven't to Disneyland in awhile too !

josh: ill definitely check out the moca on grand ave!