Saturday, May 23, 2009


Things I plan to do with my room:

- paint walls teal (I decided on teal because I felt this color was sophisticated and chic especially with black)
- add crownings or whatever they're called
- dimmers or spotlights? Leaning towards dimmers but I don't know anyone that knows how to do it, so that would mean I would have to hire a contractor
- new bed
- all black sheets adorned with cute floral pillows
- a shaggy rug
- tall vases with flowers
- I want to add a second rod in my closet on top of my current one, but my mom and I evaluated it and it seems impossible
- paint bookcase black and use as a display for my shoes
- mount my TV
- put up framed posters on my wall
- make a huge black cork board full of pictures

...I deem this remodeling tasks to be extremely possible to do within the next couple of weeks!

1 comment:

Savvy Mode SG said...

i love redecorating rooms. good luck.